You Suck at Sales

Don’t get me wrong, you’re great at what you do, but that technical or creative skill that your customers love so much isn’t what you need to grow your business even more.

Of course you have some sales and marketing chops, you wouldn’t have gotten this far without them. But are you selling full-time? A true sales professional?

No, you’re not – you’ve never considered yourself a salesperson, let alone a sales manager. You’re a business owner, and being an expert at what you do is what has gotten you this far.

Stick to Your Strengths

So where is your time and effort better spent: creating kick-ass products & services or trying to learn new a whole new skill-set of sales management? Where would you even begin?

You should be using your limited time to focus on your customers and improving your software, product or support, not building and managing a sales team that you don’t know how to manage. That’s expensive, both in cash & time, but if you’re still handling sales and marketing yourself, you’re not ready yet.

There is plenty of time to build big sales and marketing teams once you’re ready. For now though, you should partner with a company that does one thing & one thing only… help you make more money. That’s it. Here at salesability, we can help you perfect your sales strategy, implement it, and even run it for you. We say “Stick to Your Strengths”. You focus on doing what you do best, delivering awesome software & services to your customers and let us help you get even more of them.

Ever ask Yourself…

  : How do I build a repeatable, scalable sales process?

  : Can I hire someone else to handle sales?

  : How do I hire salespeople and ensure their success?

  : You know you need a sales team to grow, but where do you begin?

  : How do i hire/train a salesperson when I’m not one?

Let a Professional Help

I have led sales teams in a dozen countries, coaching 200+ professionals to more than $100 million in sales.

I help companies Scale from 6-figures to 8-figures and beyond by Expanding their Sales Ability. Focusing first on “leveling up” Founders sales skills & techniques while developing the behaviors, attitude, & expertise of sales champions. Then creating the strategic sales approach (process, methods, tactics,) their unique market requires. Helping Companies GAIN customers faster & RETAIN them longer.

I love building businesses & being around others doing the same. I am a biz dev, sales, & marketing junkie who enjoys leading teams of ambitious, intelligent, hard working team members.

See What Others Have to Say

“Damian is my go-to guy for Sales Strategy.”

Rob Walling,Founder HitTail, Drip, cohost Startups for the Rest of Us

“Damian was always able to see the way forward and knew where we should place the bets. He had a clear vision and was able to bring clarity to our complex environment both internally and externally.”

– Gregory SmithCo-Founder, C View Technologies